Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the Merchandise Store?

  • Spui 23, 1012 WX Amsterdam, Netherlands.

How can I reach you for questions?

  • You can email with questions or comments. 

What are your opening hours?

  • We are open between 12:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Saturday.

 Do you also ship abroad?

  • Yes, see below!

What are the shipping costs and delivery times?

  • Are you curious about the status of your order? Send an email to Do you need your order quickly? Then we recommend that you pick up your order in the store at Spui 23. Find the delivery times and shipping costs in the table below:
 Country Shipping costs (€) Delivery time
The Netherlands 7.25 2-4 days
Belgium 9.85 2-4 days
Bulgaria  30.45
Cyprus 29.30
Denmark * 22.85 3-6 days
Germany 12.70 3-6 days
Estonia 29.30
Finland 30.15
France * 20.40 2-4 days
Greece 29.30
Hungary 30.05
Ireland 27.75 5-6 days
Italy * 22.85 4-6 days
Croatia 29.30
Latvia 29.30
Lithuania 29.55
Luxembourg 17.15 2-3 days
Malta 29.30
Austria 21.90 3-5 days
Poland 30.65
Portugal* 25.90
Romania 30.45
Slovenia 30.70
Slovakia 30,-
Spain * 23.95 5-7 days
Czech Republic 30,-
Sweden 24.15 4-6 days
Australia 28.60
Brazil 27,-
Canada 28.60 6-10 days
China 26.50 7-15 days
Hong Kong 27.95
Japan 26.60
New Zealand 27.10
Norway 25.50 5-7 days
Rest of Europe (non-EU) 24.20
Rest of World 28.55
United Kingdom 19.30 3-6 days
United States 27.90 6-10 days
South Africa 26.86
Switzerland 25.30 3-5 days

    *Denmark: excl. Greenland and Faeroe Islands, which fall under Rest of Europe (non EU)

    *France: incl. Monaco and Corsica. Excl. Andorra and overseas territories, these fall under Rest of Europe (non EU)

    *Italy: excl. San Marino n Vatican City, these fall under Rest of Europe (non EU)

    *Portugal: incl. Azores and Madeira

    *Spain: incl. Balearic Islands. Excl. Canary Islands, this falls under Rest of Europe (non EU)

    Can I return my order?

    Yes, this is possible within 14 days after purchase or within 14 days after the date of purchase for online orders. If you return the order by post, the costs are at your own expense. Returns in store are free of charge. Make sure you can show your online purchase receipt. After processing your return, your money will be back in your account within 2-3 working days. You will always receive a confirmation email of the refund.

    Didn't receive confirmation?

    • Send an email to for questions about your pick-up orders. If you have not received a confirmation email, it may be in your spam. Very occasionally an email does not arrive. In that case, you can pick up your order by identifying yourself in the store with your ID.

      Do you also offer a student discount?

      • We have a student discount of 20% in the store at Spui 23, upon presentation of your UvA Student Card. For employees this is 10%, upon presentation of your UvA Employee Card. This discount does not apply to the webshop.

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